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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WOYWW, Liverpool - lots if crafty pleasure!

Good morning lovely ladies and gentlemen (if there are any there)!

I hope you are having a good week, the weather doesn't seem to be too bad so that can usually cheer us all up! I have had another 2 lovely, busy weeks full of crafty indulging! 
So before I get on with telling you about all my crafty journeys here is a photo of my desk - taken just a few minutes ago! It is still quite dark so it is taken with light on! As you can see I am still taking over the table in the lounge where 95% of it is covered in crafty stuff and right at the end is my DBFs laptop - and if I put something on his 5% of the table he just says the word  "encrouching" which means I have to move my stuff off of his 5 % of the table....

 Now what you can see is all Halloween-ish stuff as I am preparing to make things for the crop which by the way I will be attending! No, I haven't told Julia or Jan yet but I will today! Halloween is not really my thing - I didn't even have any stamps to make these tags so I had to get out and buy a few bits! No, I haven't made anything yet but ideas are floating around in my head and hopefully I will make something soon - you will see what I make in due course!
The official WOYWW bit is over now so I can tell you about my crafty journey - as you know I went to visit my lovely friend Jo in Liverpool! The next day we went to the Happy stampers festival - oh what joy! I was in card making heaven! There was lots to see - not only new stamps but many demos. I have been to Ally Pally previous years which is really huge - this is a smaller event but still so big it is a real struggle to get round and see everything that is on offer! I must admit I bought a lot of stuff - I found some new stamping companies I didn't know before and of course there were some there that I know very well - like Paperartsy, Crafty Individuals... I knew about Lavinia stamps but I never bought any of their stamps - I have now :-)
Here are a few photos....Leandra from Paperartsy demoing....

Crafty Individuals stand.....

Lavinia stamps....

We met up with Pearshaped Chris and had a nice chat! Thank you Chris for finding us and taking time for a  chat!
Then came the busy time of finishing off my quilt! You see  the quilt was still in bits when I came to Jo...but with her help it was put together - the hardest bit was getting the center piece in - I think I couldn't have done it but Jo is a fantastic sewing expert and she did it - so here is a bit of the process....

And finally the finished quilt....I think it is really beautiful...I really enjoyed the process and I am so thankful that Jo encouraged me to do it! My daughter will be very happy!

It is a really big quilt! 84 X 84 inches square! When it was finally finished we took it to the Quilters trading post where it has been professionally quilted! It will be sent to me this week so hopefully by the end of the week I can start with the finishing act! Here is a photo of the place where they do the quilting - I have never seen this done before so it was very interesting....

All 3 layers of the quilt are stretched and sewn together! Amazing stuff...
Here I am all happy my quilt is being done....YIPEEEEEE!!!!

I have also been invited to Jo's Quilting club where I met these lovely ladies - thank you for having me for the day and letting me explore all your lovely quilting secrets.....

So there that was my Liverpool crafting journey....Thank you Jo and Dave  for a lovely time! Now all my travels are over I better get up to some work! Sorry to bother you with such a long post but there was really so much stuff going on! 
Have a lovely week and I will be around snooping on your desks!
Lots of hugs to all,

P.S. I still haven't made a single Christmas card! Huh!



  1. Wow what a busy and great time you've been having. Don't mention the C word yet in this house haha
    Lynn 17

  2. No bother Dolores, just interesting. That quilt is amazing and thanks for the Port Sunny pictures - I missed it this year but won't miss it net time as we are not doing the Harrogate show any more.
    Maybe some day we will meet up ...
    Hugs, Neet 13 xx

  3. Happy WOYWW Dolores and a very big congrats...your quilt is amazing, just love the colours and the center piece is gorgeous...you should be proud. Lovely to have friends who can help and pass on their expert knowledge. Just beautiful Cheers RobynO#25

  4. Firstly I haven't made a single Christmas card either so don't feel bad about that lol I just loved your pics of your time with Jo. Your quilt is amazing...well done to you [and Jo of course].
    Have a great week.
    Annie x # 11

  5. Oh your quilt is amazing! Glad you had a fab time with Jo. Sadly I won't be at the crop this time as I shall be travelling to Newmarket to take Keagan to his college. Take care Zo xx 32

  6. Your quilt is amazing!!! You are very clever to do such an detailed pattern...you obviously have way more patience than me :-) Lovely pics from your visit to Jo's as well. Yay, I'm so pleased you're coming to the Crop...woohoo, it'll be great to see you again! It's only going to be a small one this time (about 12 are coming, so it'll be a good opportunity to sit and have a proper catch up chat and hug!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  7. I don't blame you for spending money at the stampers festival! It have been rude not to! Love those Lavinia stamps. Enjoy your new goodies. zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #36

  8. WOW so much fun..lots of great photos. I'd love to go on a crafty journey. I love the Halloween things on your desk too. BUT that quilt is over and above. What a great project. I've never stitched a quilt and maybe with my new machine will try something small this winter. Thanks for sharing all your great photos. #38 and have a fun week.

  9. What a wonderful week you've had. I did hear all about your beautiful quilt and saw a photo a few days ago. I think it was Chris who wrote about it.

    Well how could you not buy some of those lovely Lavinia stamps. I'm off to the NEC next month and I think I'll be enjoying some crafty retail therapy too. Have a lovely week. Barbxx #34

  10. Totally love your quilt, you clever girl you!! Glad you had such a great time at Jo's, and enjoyed the stamp show. Helen 5

  11. I love the quilt you made! I haven't started making Christmas cards either.

    Greetings, Sofie #46

  12. What a super time you have had! Love that quilt, I'm sure your daughter will love it too!
    Have a good week

    Bishopsmate #45

  13. Lovely memories but I am still coming to earth after all the fun we enjoyed and wishing you were nearer so we could get together more often. Miss you!
    Jo x

  14. Oh my gosh that quilt is a huge accomplishment and it just looks beautiful! Well done you, and how happy your daughter will be....its an heirloom. So glad you had such a nice time in Liverpool, I am a bit jealous! Delighted to hear that you're coming to crop, it will be a lovely one. And PS: I have no Hallowe'en stuff either.

  15. Hi Dolores. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. What a great time with friends. Lucky you to be going to the WOYWW crop! It's on my bucket list and can't wait to come one of these years.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (41)