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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

WOYWW 584, Greetings from also hot Slovenia!

Good evening crafty friends! 

I hope you are not suffering too much in the heat! I am in Slovenia, finally got here and very happy too. Of course it was not all happy here as I came to a disaster on my terrace - the pidgins have taken it over and well I needed 2 days just to clean their mess up! I don't think they will be coming anywhere near my terrace in the future. It is hot here but bearable. I cleaned the whole flat now (you wouldn't believe how much dust gathers in 6 months huh!)and I will now be able to concentrate on my crafty stuff!
I managed to bring a few things with me and here they are all dumped on my desk!

In this bag above is exactly what it says! I have also brought some liberty fabric, a few dies and stamps and my new travel Tim Holtz glass mat ....in England I have the big one but here I only have space for the travel one!  Works fine for me.
Here are some photos of my desk from this morning.....

As you can see my Distress Oxide inks and sprays are always close, but in general a big chaos just because I haven't had time yet to tidy up. I did miss my crafting so I made a card - not anything fantastic but it is a start!

 I am going to mention the C word! Yes I will start on Christmas cards next week. I am going to spend some time with my mom next week - she is 86 - lives on her own and has just recently installed internet in her house! She can actually Whatsapp me! YIPEEE! This of course means that I will be connected and able to show what I have been making next week! This post is a bit short today - I am exhausted from all the housework so I will be commenting on your desks tomorrow!
Have a lovely week, connect to Julia and I will "see" you soon!
Love and hugs to all from Slovenia


  1. Well done for all the cleaning! Hope you have a wonderful time with your mum 💖💖💖
    LLJ 1 xxx

  2. glad you got there safely even if you had lots of housework to do! love the card. take care. Helen #2

  3. Glad you managed to get everything clean and tidy and that you are safely ensconced in Slovenia Dolores. So cool that you will be able to WhatsApp with your Mum too. Hope you have some more time for crafting now you are straight. Stay safe and happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #9

  4. Thankful for your safe travels! So wonderful to spend quality time with your mum! Enjoy that especially! Your desk, however unorganized you feel it may be, is how mine is all the time! I have been following WOYWW for many years before I could actually post something. I met Julia in person a few years ago when they traveled to the states. I am able to post now but only through Instagram (if you want to read my post, just select a picture). Happy Wednesday although Thursday now.
    Kathryn #29

  5. Hi Dolores,lovely card. It is especially good that you can spend time with your Mum and have the internet, lol. Love that black bag, so funny it's awesome.Pigeons really are such messy birds, you can quite understand why everyone does as much as possible to discourage them.Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 X

  6. i bet you feel good after all that cleaning and organizing. It's been too hot here to do much at all, today is a little cooler thankfully. Sorry i am late getting round this week. Have a lovely week. soojay#22

  7. Happy settling in!!
    Loved all the photos and hearing how you are getting sorted out!
    Sorry I am late getting around.
    Stay safe and keep well...
    Susan #13

  8. Your travel bag of crafts is terrific and so is your card ~

  9. Sorry I’m late. It must be lovely to be home and with your dear Mum too, I hope she’s doing really well. Sorry about the pigeons, OMG they are such a nuisance arent they...just this morning my neighbour installed some spiked fence top to try to prevent them from crash landing on her fence..they are so heavy and she has beautiful baskets hanging form the fence and each time one lands, another handful of petals falls from the baskets. Maddening. Well done on all the cleaning. Hateful isn’t it! Look forward to seeing you online from your mUm’s place then..have a fun stay! Xxxx

  10. I'm glad you arrived safely in Slovenia, despite having to do such a big clean-up on arrival! I hope you get the opportunity to do lots of crafting.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #18