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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday - YIPEEE!!!!!

Hi Everybody!

Some of you might be thinking what is going on with me as I am not blogging as much as I usually do - there is no special reason it is just that after this big event of the library opening things have cooled down a bit and the holiday spirit has kicked in. Most of the staff of our faculty is on holiday and so is my Mr. Mojo. It is funny really I am in the habit of crafting every evening so I go and sit in my room take out the papers and embelishments and then just stare at it - no inspiration at all! I made a pencil holder last night, but I can't say that it is a piece of art! Have a look and tell me what you think!

I have realised that altering is quite a fiddly job! You have to fit the papers perfectly to the shape of the object you are trying to change and if you are silly like me picking lovely papers (DCWV - Mi Casa) but very hard - sticking them to the shape - not so easy - huh! Actually you can't tell from the photo but this cup or what ever it is is a bit narrower at the bottom but I couldn't get the papers to bend ! No, no I don't think I will be doing too much altering - ha, ha I better stick to cards! I have to make one today for my goddaughter and how to do it with NO MOJO!!! I better hop around and have a look at what all you girls are doing - I might get a sparkle!
I will be travelling to my mom this weekend - no internet there! My brother is also there and we will have a bit of a family gathering! We might even have a BBQ, if my brother will want to do it in the heat that is expected this weekend - we will be up in the 30 deg C again!
Have a lovely weekend and I will be back with you Sunday evening and  tell you all about my travelling!
Hugs to all


  1. Ah, I'm sure your mojo will return just as soon as you aren't at home to make the most of it! We have the same forecast here too - have a lovely family weekend.

  2. Had to laugh at your problems re altering ...thats why I dont do much lol but I love the result.
    Our forecast is Rain rain and more rain but I hope you have a wonderful family weekend while we drown lol..