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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad news and good news!

Hi lovely friends!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend! I had a good weekend but I do have some very bad news too! The men came and changed all the pipes under the bath where there was suppose to be a problem, also cleaned all the drains so I was happy and thought the problem in my bathroom was fixed but unfortunatly 2 days later my neighbor payed me another visit saying that her cieling was even more wet now! So what to do?? Today we will be putting color into the drains to see if it comes through - if it doesn't it means the leak is from the mains! Then we start tearing down the bathroom, trying to find where the leak is! It may happen that it is not even from my flat as in apartment buildings pipes of many flats are connected! Disaster! Still what can you do?? I guess I will have to tough it out!
So to look on the bright side of things I had a lovely weekend! Had a visitor from England and we did some travelling so I have a few photos to show you! I will be back later in the day, I just wanted to give you a little update on what has been going on!
Have a lovely day!
Hugs to all of you!


  1. oh oh oh..I really really hope that major work can be averted...forus it was just a case of re-sealing around the bath edge; the thought of all that trouble with pipes leaves me shaking!

  2. At least you can go at work :>) Makes going to work take on an entirely new meaning.

    Really just popped by and saw this sad state of affairs (although it sounds like you averted disaster this weekend with your friend). Wanted to let you know I've chosen you (and your blog) as my blog pick for tomorrow (July 28). I was drawn to it originally by your blog's name and now look forward to visiting each week. See you for WOYWW 60.

  3. I do hope you manage to sort it all out.xx