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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WOYWW, a card for a newborn and......

Good morning my dear friends!

I haven't managed to do the rounds last week which I must apologise for .....it was a busy week and I just didn't have any free time! I had a few rush jobs for cards, I went to a course about acrylic paints, I had to get the plumber back because my radiator in the bathroom was leaking so lots went on but now I hope I will finally have a peaceful rest of the week so time to snoop around the worlds desks gathered at Queen Julia!
Let me just show you last week in photos.....
First I finished last weeks card and it turned out like this.....
I went to this really great seminar on Acrylic paints. I never went to any art school or anything so I don't know much about acrylics, oil paints, watercolor anything.....one of our art shops organized this seminar and I thought I better go and learn - I think it was one of the most useful courses I have went to in years! It was for the use of Golden acrylics which are very expensive but for special effects I guess it is worth splashing out the money! The mediums, gels,  pastes and additives that are available today makes you think artists can do anything these days - whatever pops into their head they can do it with all the stuff available! Here are a few photos I took at the seminar....

Our teacher in the apron.....

and some presentation material.....

A new technique I will use in my art journal.....

Here is my "collection of GOLDEN acryilics stuff.....

and here is my desk of this morning......I made a card for our dean's daughter - she just had a baby boy....

Here is the card in normal light - not a glaring table light.............

So there that  is me done....I hope you enjoyed my weekly tour....I really don't know what is going on but these Wednesdays really seem to come around so quick! They should get a speeding ticket!
Lots of hugs to all of you and I will be seeing you on my rounds....


  1. Two beautiful cards. I have the stamp you used on the first one, this is the second time this week I have seen it used and mine has not yet seen ink!
    The course you went on looks very comprehensive, glad you got something out of it, I await your masterpieces!

  2. Wow - that acrylic workshop looked like FUN!! And if it's sparked off all sorts of creative ideas, then so much the better :) Cute cards too! Hugs, LLJ xx

  3. Thanks for sharing !
    the cards are stunning

  4. Beautiful cards!! Lots of babies around at the moment - how sweet!
    Sorry you won't be at AP - will look for you in April.... (not that I have the dates ready, mind... much!) The workshop sounds fantastic - and you bought a fair bit - still you need to experiment and learn, I agree!

  5. Aaa, vidim, da si bila na Goldnovem seminarju. :) Jaz sem bila na prejšnjem. Je prav fajn izvedet za kaj se kaj porabi, a ne?! :) Krasne voščilnice.

  6. Sounds like a fab course - always good to learn something new. Love the cards. x Jo

  7. That seminar looks like it would have been fun! Always fun to learn something new isn't it? Your baby card is just adorable, they'll love it for sure! Thanks for the peek and have a great day!

  8. Wonderful workspaces, lots of creative goodies! Thanks for sharing, have a great WOYWW!

    xoxo Marjo #36

  9. The card is positively darling! That looks like a really fun class! Awesome! Thanks for sharing pics from the class -Amanda

  10. oh my goodness you've been sooo busy, lovely workspace, lovely cards and loads of goodies, I think I might get some paint out and have a bit of a squirt with it too! Happy woyww
    glad you liked the freebies this week!
    happy woyww

  11. I do like your card compostions, and I agree - you can do anything with artist quality acrylics and mediums including colour mixing - so they work out far better value than the 'cheaper' acrylics that are very low in pigment, don't mix to a true colour and fade within three months...

    you have a very very good selection of 'golden' and for sure the golden matte and gloss varnishes dry totally different to all other mediums so if you like that particular finish it is well worth the cost.


  12. I hope the busy part of your week is over and you can have some fun now. Love the cards, great seeing how the WIP from last week turned out. Sounds like the course was really useful.

    Brenda 88

  13. Love the new baby card but I am fascinated by the oil paint squiggles... they would look fabulous as a background for a journal page or a canvas!!

  14. Sounds like an amazing seminar ...so interesting ....alittle different too.
    Love your cards especially the baby one.

  15. Sounds a great week to me, with the seminar so worthwhile and you produced some lovely cards too.
    I'll be home alone aaah! on Friday evening so if you want to Skype just let me know....
    Love Jo x

  16. Thanks for the tour of your desk and the seminar pictures. The paints look great and are sure to enhance your art journal. Love the cards.

  17. Hi there, thanks for sharing your creative space this week, I enjoyed visiting and hope you have fun for the rest of the week. Learning new techniques are great and you will find that they often work on less expensive products too!

  18. Lovely post - I did enjoy reading it and the cards are beautiful. The painting seminar looked like fun and I think we will be seeing some of those paints on future cards.

    I’ve a giveaway over on my blog, you might like to take a look at:- http://silverscrappers.blogspot.com/2011/09/my-memories-suite-digital-software.html

    Elizabeth x #125

  19. Such lovely cards this week! I love going to seminars, I always learn something new, even when I think I know a lot.
    Happy WOYWW

  20. You inspired me - I used the stamp!
    here's my card

  21. Lovely card to open this post with and how good to do a course on painting with Golden products. They are very high in pigment so are very good. Sorry I am not posting much but am on holiday and the internet comes and goes in the hotel. hugs, Neet x

  22. I would love to take a course like that- I use acrylics a lot but don't know much about it. Like the first card, so pretty and feminine! Patsy from

  23. You are so lucky to have that class available to you. It looks like you got a lot out of it. I know what you mean about Golden products being so incredibly expensive, but I have heard they are the very best money can buy and you only use a fraction of the paint you would otherwise use. Sorry I'm so late getting here. I had a bit of computer down time last week.