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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

YIPEEEEEE!!! YIPEEEEEE!!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!!! I got a mosh book!!!!!

Good morning to all you Craftyfolk!

How is your day??? Sunny and bright and warm as mine or cold and miserable??? Well I hope that whatever the weather outside you feel well and happy inside! I do because yesterday when I came home from work a brown package was in my mailbox! And this is what was inside:

YIPEEEEE!!!!!!!! Donna sent this lovely mosh book ( nr. 2 Sketch on the go) to me and I don't even know why I deserved it but it made me sooooo happy - honestly when she was making this one in the video I secretly really wished I could have it and as you can see sometimes wishes do come true! THANK YOU SO MUCH DONNA I am really happy!!!! Love it, love it, love it! 

But that wasn't all that was waiting for me yesterday - a little note from the postman was left there asking me to pick up something from the post office - obviosly he couldn't put all the stuff in the mailbox....so what was it ???  Well a few days ago I ordered some watersoluble oil pastels from Caran' dache from a shop called Artifolk and it came in like 3 days - amazing! I have a question though for all you arty people out there.....are these pastels permanent after they dry?? There is no video about them on the internet except an advert but that isn't very helpful! I need some info so if anybody has used them let me know all about them!

Not finished yet.....I managed to make a card - it is for a longtime penpals birthday and I tried to cram in a lot of symbolism in the card - I think he will get it! I did a lot of stamping, collage, I used Distress Stains for the first time on a card - they are great for making backgrounds! Anyway here is my card!

And just to remind you that autumn is coming although the temperatures in our country are not saying that yet a shoebox my friend Anna gave me full of the gifts of nature....lovely red and white grapes and very tasty pears - all grown in a clean environment with nothing sprayed on them!

Have a lovely day, see you all tomorrow, gathered at the crafty round table of our Queen Julia!
Hugs to all of you,


  1. Wow - I know what it's like to receive Art from Donna - how wonderful for you - I share your excitement! Glad that autumn hasn't taken hold over there just yet...although that box of fruit looks so delicious with the crispy leaf...nice card for John!

  2. Ponavadi te berem, komentiram pa ne kaj dosti :)
    Luštno darilce si prejela po pošti.
    Ne, Neocolorke niso obstojne, ko se posušijo, žal. Razen, če jih s čem utrdiš, kar pa je odvisno od rabe pobarvanega tekstila.
    Ene redkih obstojnih vodotopnih barvic so Derwentove Inktense.

  3. the wax watercolours are water soluble - they move and blend when wet - you can CAREFULLY seal them with matte/gloss medium, but you will 'move' the colour as you apply the fixative, if you use matte/gloss medium instead of water when you do the painting/apply the cour. it is permenantly fixed when dry - try doing 50/50 water to medium mix....

    you can use them like true water colours...they are just much more intense in colour,

    I knew you would like the pink girl!!! that's why I sent her...

    am going to see Jo in October so will try to get a Skype to you when I am there...

    it give me a buzz to give a gift that someone will love...I felt the same when you sent me the old book.