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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WOYWW, the new bathroom and journal pages

Hi Everybody!

I am back now for good - I had 2 weeks of bathroom renovating and one week of holidays with friends at the seaside - that didn't go very well as we all caught a bug and were very ill almost all week! Still I am better now, my friends have flown back to England and yes I have a bathroom!!! YIPEEEEEEE!!!!! 
I was suppose to show pictures before I left for the holiday but I was under such stress those days what with the bathroom just being done - the whole flat needed to be cleaned from top to bottom as there was dust everywhere - my building is made of concrete so you can imagine I had a building site right there in my flat! Luckily my friend Vesna helped me with the cleaning so that it was all clean and ready when my guests arrived! I didn't have time for blogging as there was so much going on but now I am back to normal so my dear friends and followers you will hear from me more often!
On the crafty side I haven't done much - I did start a new journal - just prepared a few pages and this week I intend to make a few cards, get back in the crafty mode! 
Let me start with my bathroom......shower...



and basin.....there will be a proper miror and some cupboards soon but at the moment it is as it is......

So there - that is the bathroom.....here are some journal pages I have been preparing....

close up - I played with a bit of gold....

for this page I bought some weird paper in Italy it has great texture....I am not sure what I will do with it yet but this is a start....

And at last here is my desk - pretty boring .....bought a new distress ink faded jeans - I didn't have that one yet - I should probably be buying the new stains but they seem to disapear from our shops as soon as they appear! My craft room is a big mess at the moment I am thinking of some changes but I don't know what to do - honestly I have so much stuff I must make a change!Will report on that in the near future!

Have a lovely day, enjoy the snoop - I will be around your desk too!
Hugs to all of you,


  1. Wow. Love your new bathroon. Gorgeous colours.
    A x

  2. Hope you are feeling much better now - what a shame it spoilt your holiday. I love the new bathroom - such a fab colour scheme. x jo

  3. Fab bathroom and welcome back! I seem to have disappeared from your followers (I thought you were extra quiet!) so will add myself back to your list. Love the journalling page and hope you feel loads better now. Di xx

  4. Did I say how much I love your bathroom - it's great, love the zingy colours! Di xx

  5. Love those tiles in your new bathroom, such fun colours. That'll wake you up in the mornings :) Sorry to hear you were poorly on holiday, glad you're better now!! have a great week xx

  6. What a lovely bathroom and such wonderful colours - do enjoy! Bet you can't wait for the rest to have it completely done. That's really unfortunate you were ill there is really nothing worse is there? Your journal page is lovely and the colours are super! Thanks for the visit and have a great day!

  7. I LOVE your bathroom ...so different,fresh and fun....and your journaling work is so eye catching.

    I have to say I hoard until I cant move and then I reluctantly HAVE to have a clearout. lol

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos. Your bathroom turned out so pretty. Always fun to have updates. Enjoy. Lovely journal and lots of things tucked away on your desk. Happy WOYWW.

  9. Good to see you back - and your bathroom is very glamourous!

  10. What a fun happy bathroom - nice! Enjoy using your new TH ink - and thanks for the reminder - I haven't played with mine much lately.

  11. Hi Dolores, the bathroom is looking lovely, love the splashes of colour on the tiles. the journal pages are gorgeous :-) I finally bought some stains 2 weeks ago but have yet to use them - am in the middle of moving my papercrafting stuff upstairs; it's a nightmare with so much stuff and trying to re-house things.
    Sorry to hear you were so ill :-(
    Anne xx

  12. Uuuu, kakšna odpuljena kopalnica je nastala. Super!!!

  13. Fab bathroom, never going to show mine in a million years!! Great Journal and welcome back!

  14. Wow what a funky bathroom I love it! Love your journal too I like all of Dyans stamp they are so versatile too. Faded jeans is the only distress ink I dont have so am a bit envious! Have fun.

  15. TYhe bathroom is fab, and I think totally reflects your personality, all bright and cheerful. A horrid dusty job but soooo worth it. And Vesna - hold on to her, she's a real friend!

  16. Yes jo and I are coming - next year in the spring/summer - after april before june - so probably may!

    We will make arrangements with you next time Jo & I get together, We will fly/drive so we can do some touring too

    we HAVE to come try out that fab bathroom,

    your journalling looks super fantastic, try wax watercolour washes (neocolourII by caran d'ache).


  17. Your desk looks very inviting but I think your super duper new bathroom steals the show this week. What gorgeous spotty tiles. It is a fun fun fun bathroom and how zingy to go in there every morning. Wakens one up I should imagine. Love it!
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #4

  18. Wow! fab bathroom and beware that we will come and splash in it next year! Donna and I are hatching a plan. Great journal pages too but don't throw anything away before serious consideration... keep the faith, keep the mess!
    Love JoZarty x
    ps let me know by email if you can skype any time at the weekend.....I'm home alone!

  19. Svetla in mladostna je nova kopalnica. Super so ploščice z mehurčki :)) v vseh barvah, zelo poživijo prostor. Uživaj v njej.