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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WOYWW and a bit of a moan!

Hello my dear Friends!

How are you all today?? Having fun??? Enjoying the lovely spring days??? We have lovely weather, a bit cold in the morning but the rest of the day is warm and nice! 
I should be in a good mood which I am most of the time except for my obvious health problems and craftwise the fact that I am frustrated with buying goods for my crafting! Ladies you can be very happy if you have a shop down the road where you can buy things for crafting - also you are quite lucky if you live in countries where you order something online one day and the next day it is on your doorstep! Not so here!! This month the only shop that we had closed so you can't actually have a look at what you want to buy! We have a few art shops but they don't have that many things that crafters want! The online shops (3 ) are trying their best but still they don't have the "cool" new stuff! So what to do??? If you order from the States it takes at least 10 days to get the stuff (if you order a lot you have to pay tax and the postage is a big cost) so if you need something for a challenge by the time you get the stuff the challenge is gone! If you order from England it takes about 7 days (It can take 14 days) which is also a long time! But what is really frustrating is when you order online you never know what you get....like my last buy was these two stamps - the Magnolia stamp I could predict about how big it is going to be as I have bought them before, but the Easter bunny  I thought would be at least 2 cm bigger - not so small that you need to put glasses on to see it and the thing cost almost 9 € with postage!!!!! I am not sure if you get all this or even remotely understand what I am trying to say but I think it is worth a moan! Why did all this really come about??? Well because I wanted to make the March TH 12 tags of 2012! I ordered the butterflies - the online shop comes back with the answer they are out of stock....I order the woodgrain background - out of stock! I am now trying to think of a way to get it done without any of that stuff but it isn't the same! That is my moan for the day - if you skipped the first bit I hope that at least my desk photos will interest you.....there is a big mess so enjoy!
An overall look from the top.....

My 2 new stamps - the very small bunny on the right - huh!

look to the right.....

look to the left...

more to the left......

and extended to the couch .....just got some stamps out for Easter cards....

and as last 2 of my Easter cards .....bright and happy!

So that is all folks! I hope you enjoy the snoop - I know I will!
Have a lovely day and a lovely week - see you soon!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Actually a week to get stuff isn't too bad. I wait that long for stuff to arrive from English shops to me in England! Frustrating about the stamp sizes, I wish more would give the sizing on the description. I bought a very disappointing Tatty Teddy stamp a while ago it was tiny.

    ** Kate **

  2. Oh poor you. How frustrating. Wish I could help.
    Really love your Easter cards.
    A x

  3. Well it looks like you got distress markers! Here in the States, we are still waiting for shipments!

  4. Great looking desk.. I'm jealous still haven't recieved my distress markers! bummer Love your cards thanks for sharing!

  5. I do feel for you - I am so impatient when I order stuff, I want it at once!
    I got the wordplay die from QVC when it was on a craft day special price when Tim was over, but the cutting plates I just got from www.cuttingedgecrafts.co.uk - they are very good pricewise and service is excellent. I assume they post abroad but haven't needed to check... Have a look at their website (sorry if you spend too much.....they don't have the wordplay die yet - or at least didn't when I was looking)

  6. Listen babe - if you can stand Jo and I wearing the same clothes everyday we can fill the suitcases with your wishlist craft items - just send us the list -

    if we can get it together ( ha) we will book flights later today)

  7. We are too lucky here - so many shops and next day delivery. I can recommend Craft Obsessions, Country View Crafts, Craft Emporium and Artful Splodger... - good prices and great service. Here's a lovely simple but yummy wood effect - a bit different but I like it!


    Loving the bursts of colours on your post today... Thanks for sharing with WOYWW? Sarah at 1.

  8. Oh hun nyou know Tim's 12 tags of 2012 you dont have to use the items he does he keeps stating this i dont most time .It is what inspiration you get from the tags he makes.That maggie stamp the egg wish id know i have one here you could have had im selling some stuff look top blog.I also have couple other spring maggie stamps tilda with lamb little bop peep havent had time to list all yet,I would be happy to send anything if i have it just shout hun!
    Have fab wednesday and creative week hugs judex 9

  9. Bless you It must drive you mad shopping
    " why not open a shop" it sounds as though there is a great need for it!!! just a thought x x lovely makes on your desk this week beautiful cards and coloured images, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  10. I love your Easter cards, they are really pretty and your new stamps are lovely, they do not look too small to me. I love the little girl that you have shaded, she is so cute. Enjoy your lovely Spring weather, its really bitterly cold, wet and windy here, so can you send some of your sunshine over please :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen xx

  11. It’s so frustrating when all you want to do is craft but can’t get hold of the supplies easily.
    Mind you, on the financial side it must be a god send because I know that if I had too many craft shops near me (I just have one of two that are not too far away) I would spend a fortune.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue H

  12. Se popolnoma strinjam glede nakupov pri nas, in zdaj še Memories! :( Veš kaj, najbolje, da se zmeniva in greva skupaj na izlet, po craft nakupih, za par dni! :)
    Čestitki sta cute, sploh prva mi je zelo všeč.

  13. Love your couch and pillows, very mod! I understand your frustration with not really being able to see what your buying online, I prefer to touch and look at what I buy in a store, but then I live in the states and am spoiled, I know! waving hi from the beautiful hills of North Carolina :)

  14. You have a very busy space and your cards are lovely. The row of little bunnies is great. I sympathize with your dilemma. I live in Spain, and even here it is quite difficult to get the latest items. I do have one shop about a half-hour drive away and the lady there does try to get anything we ask for if we are patient, which I am not. I have good internet access but postage for online orders is often excessive, especially when you only want one or two small items. But I chose to move here, so I guess I have to manage with what is available. Kate 90 x

  15. Res je križ s temi nakupi pri nas. Naročila iz tujine pa tako dolgo potujejo.
    Praznični voščilnici sta prav luštni, sploh prva je zelooo lepa. Lp

  16. It is so frustrating when things take so long to come, but as someone else said that does happen in this country too. Mind you, we ordered some computer bits the other week and they arrived the following morning by carrier. I buy most of my things on the internet these days, often from EBay, but you do have to take into account the postage and packing. Your cards are lovely, really bright and cheerful. Have a good week and I hope you can make your stamps work for you. xx Maggie #8

  17. I have missed you and am glad you are back. I have a problem with buying anything online. I buy things I can pick up, inspect, hold in my hand awhile, and suffer possible buyer's remorse if I keep or put it back on the shelf before I buy it in the store.

    Using what you already have is sometimes the best way to use your own initiative and skill. What fun is copying? Of course, I can understand why you might like to have all those supplies. But I know you will make something by improvising which will be even better in the long run.

    Glad you are joining the AB class. You have plenty of time to catch up. I am going slowly so I don't lose anyone who really wants to play!

  18. Fab cards, I think the delivery thing all depends on the company. I can order stuff & it only takes a couple of day to get from one end of England to the other, but from somewhere else I can wait 2-3 weeks and it hasn't got to go as far! Take care, enjoy this WOYWW, it's now Thursday afternoon & I'm still doing the snooping bit, all but in shifts! Zo xx 60

  19. Ah, I understand your frustration, the p&p always makes me think twice, it can double the cost of the item sometimes. I know we're spoilt here for choice(America) but they do say that necessity is the mother of all invention!! Lovely bright Easter cards though and I hope you can find a way to join in the challenges with your current supplies.

    Brenda 6

  20. i am sorry that you have lost your only store. It must be frustrating to wait.

    We are very lucky here. I am in Canada, close to the American border. I have 3 big scrapbook stores within a 15 minute drive from me and one lovely small one about 5 minutes away.
    I also have Michaels (15 minutes again) and then if I was really desperate I could cross into the States and look there as well.

    So, maybe you should come to BC Canada, and I will take you shopping!!!