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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WOYWW, Easter chick!

Good morning my dear friends!

Are you all ok? Having nice weather and enjoying the spring that has just sprung???? Well I am - we finally got a little bit of rain so the grass and flowers can finally move to spring mode! 
So first a bit of spring for you - I work at the forestry faculty and we have a huge garden around our building with lots of different trees ( for the students to learn to recognise them) and this photo was taken about 10 m away from my library.....love the purple color of the crocuses....

and a primerose peaking out.....

So there that is a bit of spring for you but now lets get up to more serious business - snooping around desks with our Queen Julia in command.......
This week my craft room is in a big mess....I keep on changing from one project to another, I made a card for my brother who's name day was on Monday ( St . Joseph) - didn't take a picture, then I made a lovely vintage thank you card for my physiotherapist as it was my last session yesterday - again forgot to take a photo - that is age for you but here it is my really messy desk.....

In the middle you can see I am making a sandwich board card - Jo from Jozart gave me instructions how to do it over Skype but I haven' t finished it yet ! The base is done....here is a close up.....

Now comes the die cutting bit which I am worried about but we will see how it goes.....I will show the card when it is finished....
Next up is my other project I am at - the Easter chick....I decided to make some cute felt chicks for my daughter, mom, my brothers family and some other people who are dear to me - put it in the envelope with the Easter card....it is quite a lot of work but I really like to make them....here is one for show.....one side...

and the other side.....

Here is one in the making...... it involves a lot of hand sewing of all these beads but I also use the glue gun and glitter glue....just a bit of a play....

I will show more of them as I make them....
And the last picture is the rest of my messy craftroom....I was looking for bits and pieces got out loads of boxes of stuff - then something fell off the shelve and you cand see what the result was - I just said "Sod it" and left the mess there for you to see....huh.....

So there I am done showing my mess....have you shown yours??? If you haven't you still have all day to join in the biggest showing of desks at our HQ!
Have a lovely day!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Wednesday’s sure do come around quick! Trying again to make “All” the rounds. I love the little chick too cute! Have a great day!

  2. haha I dont feel so bad about my bed covered in craft stuff that has caused me to sleep in the spare room
    Bridget #64

  3. Really cute Easter chicks :-)
    A x
    ps I've acheived my aim and managed to get both babies down for a nap so I'm managing a bit of blog hopping :-)

  4. I don't normally make any Easter cards/presents but love those chicks!
    It is so nice to see spring flowers - the crocuses outside your workplace are gorgeous!
    Thanks for stopping by - but don't expect too much from the t-shirt...

  5. Lovely Easter projects there.
    Hugs, Sarn x (No. 63 ish)

  6. Cute chicken, great idea!
    Sophie no.88

  7. I adore your eater chicks, and it will soon be time for me to come and roll around in your mess - yippeee


  8. Beautiful Spring flowers and those chicks are so cute! Love all the mess, the creative and the not so creative !! Great card in the making, that Jo is so talented!

    Brenda 2

  9. That is an adorable chick, I'm sure the recipients will love them. Barb #106

  10. Love the little chicks Gorgeous... Fantastic creative desk lots going on! Have a good week, Hugs May x x x No9

  11. I love the "mess" - just a bit of wild creativity!! Chicks are fab too.

  12. I am so glad it is not just me who forgets to take photos. Love those chicks. Anne#66

  13. Hi Cardarian...it's been a while since I visited your blog. What beautiful creations - both the crocuses and the Easter chicks. *Ü* Thanks for the snoop on your desk. ~Glen~

  14. Love the chicks....good idea for my grandaughters! I'll "borrow" your idea if you don't mind!

  15. hi there
    Sometimes you just have to leave the mess dont you? and get on with the making.
    your birds are really cut, love the feathers

  16. Those felt Easter chicks are simply too cute for words!! LOVE them, hard work paid off! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  17. Wow..lots of loveliness I guess we can't craft if we don't have stuff all over..time just isn't always available to be SO organized. I just want time to create.."Life" just way to busy right now. Have a great day. Love the beautiful colors of all the flowers. Happy WOYWW

  18. At first I was having a terrible time leaving comments on blogs last night. They didn't want to post. NOW I get "service unavailable when I try to leave a comment. It's really frustrating. I see others having trouble with MY link, too.

    On a lighter note, I love the chick and I saw a card like that on Jo's blog last week. Hope you have time to work on an AB. There's still plenty of time. Happy WOYWW from # 7.

  19. Love the spring flowers. I also love pictures of 'messy' craft rooms! I bet you know exactly where everything is even though it's messy :)
    from desk 135

  20. Sorry I am so late in posting but I had one or two computer bloopers to sort out yesterday.
    Love the beginning of the card you have done with Jo - I got one from her for my birthday.
    Loads of lovely things on here including your busy desk but the scene stealer for me are the crocus and the primroses. I love spring flowers.
    Hugs, and thanks for commenting on my blog.
    Neet xx #4

  21. Fab makes! Cute chicks too, don't worry we love seeing everything mess and all! Thanks for sharing this WOYWW, It's Thursday and I'm still snooping through the list! Take care Zo xx 22

  22. Oh but your sofa looks very exciting, and I totally get the 'sod it' thing, happens here - alot! How nice your easter gifts are, and my, how you make me realise it's very soon! Hope your physio sessions have really helped.

  23. You are lucky working in such a lovely place! I love that Easter Chick - she's a bit of a fabulous diva, darling. The feathers are completely frivolous and I love em!
    Hugs, LLJ ~68 xx

  24. Hi there, since you left a comment about my seahorse tag I made, I just wanted you to know that I made a tutorial about how I created the sea, if your interested I would love for you to check it out and let me know how I did on the tutorial as I haven't done many of them before. Thanks bunches and waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)http://inthehillsofnorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2012/03/vellum-noun.html

  25. Yes, I did show mine, and it is very much a mess . . .

    Your felty birds are ADORABLE!!!!


  26. am sat here having heart failure,so much stuff......lol
    love your felt chicks and need to investigate the sandwich board card :)

  27. Sounds like you work in a lovely place. The crocuses are fantastic.
    You have a great busy space there, those Easter chicks are gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #123

  28. I'm still making my way 'round ... Thank you for a great recap and tour of what you're doing. Awesome picture of the crocuses popping out! Have a great weekend!

  29. Your little chicks are fabulous and the card is gorgoeus... pays to visit late sometimes!! ;) Apologies for late snooping... had a major work up changing the furniture about but I'm here now!!