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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOYWW, Hello Kitty and a bit of a mixture!

Hello my dear friends!

I am back from my Spa treatment - I went to my mom's and stayed there for a week - there are lots of Spas dotted around where she lives so I went there to do some swimming! It was great and a real improvement to my knee! I still have pain but I must say this past week has helped! So this is my last week off and I have been doing a lot of different things regarding crafting! No cards this week although I will have to make a few before I go to work! I have been trying out various things - working with clay, I did my first page in my altered book, I made an ATC - all will be on show in a minute but first something new on my desk.... 
As you all know my crafting room is pink - pink walls, various pink accessories but also a few pink of the pink Hello Kitty thingys....
I have a Hello Kitty chest of  drawers....

I have a Hello Kitty cup full of glue tape....

I have lots of Hello Kitty pencils.... (yes that pencil container is new too - isn't it cute with that bee on it???)

I even have Hello Kitty paper towels....

And now look what has suddenly appeared on my desk.....a pink egg......cracking now....pop...

Look what is inside....

Hello Kitty and her little doggy.....a lovely gift from Donna

ohhh sooo cute!
So there another addition to my Hello Kitty madness.....love it!!!! Thank you Donna!
Now that I have shown you a few bits from my desk I can sho you what I have been doing lately....
Playing with clay....not very successful - well my only mistake was I put too much glossy accents on my makes and obviosly being too thick it doesn't dry clear so now my little makes look like they are covered in snot - ha, ha sorry about the word but that what it looks like!

Still I will use them somehow - you can't really learn if you don't try....
Then I made my first altered book page - spent half a day making it.....I really like it - especially the poppies - I stamped Donna Downeys poppies on red tissue paper ( I always thought poppies feel like tissue paper) and cut them out and then just glued them in the middle so they look a bit dimensional......

I also made a black and white ATC, ha, ha to tone down all the pink you have seen.....

I really love it - I am not sure but I think the girl is an Alpha Stamp and the Art stamp is from The Artistic stamper! There will be a bit of jewelry made today which I will show later - I am on the go now! Huh!
I better wrap this up I hope you haven't fell asleep by now! :-)
Have a lovely day and a lovely snoop, join the WOYWW madness at Julia's and I will see you there....
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Gorgeous makes to share with us today...esp the poppies :-)
    A x #68

  2. my little girl would love your hello kitty things, i am sure they brighten up your space! have a great week trace x 48

  3. Welcome back, I missed you last week... but it sounds like the treatment was great for your knee. Love all your pink madness! Have a creative week... Helen, 40

  4. Your journey in cardmaking is amazing D, your style is really evolving; you're so accomplished. Loving the Hello Kitty stuff...if I didn't have enough silly collections, we would be fighting over it!

  5. If my friends daughter saw all your Hello Kitty stuff she would be so envious. I guess you like pink! and Hello Kitty!
    Love those tissue poppies, my favourite flowers and what a good idea to use tissue for them. One day I might copy that idea if you don't mind.
    Thanks for sharing and for visiting me earlier - Hugs, Neet xx

  6. love the pink room and all the Hello Kitty stuff. I think your cards are awesome. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #67

  7. Oooh, I like the sound of the spas, they sound just the job for my creaky knees too!!
    Those tissue poppies are so gorgeous, you make it sound so easy they way you made them, but I bet it isn't! They are really beautiful, you have really captured the summer feeling about them :)
    And I'll make you anything you want, my lovely. What colour would you like??...............................LOL, PINK, of course!!

    Hugs, LLJ xx
    PS Really looking forward to meeting up with you in October :D

  8. OH MY That really is alot of hello kitty. I absolutely love the poppy page, its stunning
    Thanks for your visit, Happy WOYWW Hugz Minxy #5

  9. Wow, talented lady. Love the poppies, they look,so real.

  10. I love the glossy clay pieces, and your oh-so-stylish b&w ATC! Happy WOYWW!!
    Alison x

  11. Glad your knee is a bit better. Your poppies are beautiful and those clay pieces are fine - as you say maybe a touch too much snot but lovely just the same lol. x jo

  12. Wonderful news that you knee is on the improve. I am so glad that you put that beautiful ATC in the post as I was starting to see Hello Kitty everywhere and I thought I was going or gone bonkers. Then I started seeing pink patches, I still dont know what that was about, maybe a mental breakdown for sure. LOL

    Happy Crafting and thank goodness you had a relaxing time at the spa, someone needs to rest before going back to work.

    Eliza #36

  13. Lots and lots of great projects!
    And the poppies are so pretty.
    I agree that its better to at least try and have some fails then not try at all! :)
    Mary Jo #112

  14. Ooh, thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments! Too kind!

    As for doing the dominos as a class at the crop - well, we'll have to see what Julia says, but I'd quite happily have a go if enough people want to see it. And if not, then I'm sure I can do a quiet thing in the corner....

    Love your desk - Lil Miss B had a thing for Hello Kitty for a while, but now she's more into Avril Lavigne and all things Goth....LOL

  15. Meant to say, I totally get what you mean with the glossy accents, as that was the problem with the last domino I did - "Key to the Castle". I'm also having issues of the crackle accents type....as in, it doesn't crackle properly....

  16. You have an interesting collection there Cardarian!! I've never really played with Glossy Accents in the way you have but your description was funny!! I'm looking forward to my camping trip and yes, I'm hoping to get the sock finished whilst on holiday!

    Brenda 18

  17. Wow, you have been busy. I've enjoyed seeing all of the different items you showed. I'm now following your blog and hope you'll follow mine at http://goinovertheedge.blogspot.com.


    Terry #60

  18. Meant to add that I really love the poppies too, they're so beautiful.


  19. Your makes are gorgeous! Your clay experiments look great and I *love* your poppies altered book page... beautiful! The black and white ATC is really striking.

    And your new Hello Kitty is just adorable!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    Ali #98

  20. wow that is a lot of hello kitty, D3 would love it, she is a big fan too. the poppies look great very delicate , just like the real thing
    thanks for sharing
    janet #61

  21. You have been on a roll with all these things you are doing. My favourite is the altered book page with the poppies. It is amazing~
    I have an absolute aversion to snot, so that gave me the heebie jeebies, but then I could not see it, so I don't think its that bad at all.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #49

  22. so glad kitty arrived, love the ATC and snot covered embellies are marvelous, see you (both) soon,


  23. I love your altered book page with the poppies -- they look very realistic stamped on the red tissue paper. Good job with the clay pieces -- to me, only the one in the lower left seems to have a thick coating -- the others don't seem to show that. I'm so late visiting it's practically time for another WOYWW! ~ Laura #122

  24. are you home again or still in London???

    I will try to get in touch at the weekend...


  25. (was going to send this by email but could not find a link??)
    ah, Delores, alias Cardarian, grand to keep in touch this way and yes had heard of you too but never linked over. I will follow you so we can keep more in touch the WOYWW is so big these days it is hard to keep track of everyone.
    I went across to comment on Doone's blog and somehow closed out of it before doing it loved her post on "Deformed" it was so good.. blessed my socks off it did, will try and remember to go back later! (ah see her comment above this will do it now!)

    I think someone said they were catching up with you in Slovenia, was it Donna?? anyway joined your blog and yes God has really blessed me when He brought me back home to live again, love Shaz in Oz.x