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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WOYWW, A mini book

Hello my dear friends!

How are you all today?? Enjoying the last bits of the Olympics??? Is your weather still hot or is it cooling down a bit??? Well we are still in the hotter area of Europe but I must admit for the last 2 days we have had it a bit cooler....just around 28 deg C during the day!
So what is going on at Cardarian's happy place??? A lot of physio - I got given another 2 weeks of it! I am happy to have it but it is very tiring - especially because it is now more individual excercises and those physiotherapists really suck the life out of you! Ha, ha....still I am improving my walking - still on crutches but not as painful as it was before!
Update on crafting - it was my daughters birthday this week and as lovely Donna from Doings of Doone has made this video on how to make a mini book I thought that would be really a nice present for her so I did it! Of course I didn't have that tin that sticks to the fridge - my knee situation doesn't allow me to drive over to Ikea in Klagenfurt Austria where I could get one of those so I just made a box myself .......

As you can see I used one of Donnas new stamps from the Artistic Stamper (Mother and daughter) this heart actually folds open and inside I stamped the " you will always be a part of me" somehow I forgot to take a picture of the inside and because my DD has already taken her present I just can't do it now!
Anyway I will show you what a mess I made - my DBF said "how did 3 of you craft here the other week if you make such a mess yourself???" I guess we were a bit more organised.....so here it is the mess in all its glory - 

Yes there is a box of biscuits on there but it is my DBF who eats them! Here is a shot from another angle....

And here are a few photos of the tiny book I made that caused all this mess......

I got one of those Sharpie pens from Jo from Jozart - love it! Thanks Jo! I used it a lot in this book!

So that is it - thank you to Donna who made the video - I am always happy to learn something new....and thank you to all of you that will come by and have a look at my desk! I try not to stay on the computer much as honestly I sometimes can't get out of the chair when I sit here too long ( that will probably happen now!)
I promise I will try to get round to as much of you as possible!
Lots of hugs and love to all of you...


  1. Te knjigice albumi so res simpatični in lepo si skombinirala z barvami. Fino je ustavrjati zunaj in kaos spada itak zraven. ;)

  2. What a beautiful book you've made. I'm certain it will be treasured.
    A x #6

  3. Lots of lovely crafting - gorgeous box and book. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

  4. Oh, it's so lovely to see were we all sat together crafting and even lovelier that you can make as good a mess as "we 3" but on your own! Your mini book for Anna is really lovely and I do hope she had a wonderful birthday. I'm sure the book will be a treasure for her.
    Lots of love JoZarty x

  5. Ta knjigica je pa tako luštkana..:):)

  6. Your box and tiny book are beautiful. BJ#19

  7. What a special little photo book - very pretty. Hope that physio works wonders and you are soon skipping around. x Jo

  8. Had a chat with a Sizzix rep about the die and I get the feeling they can be a bit difficult as they are so big, but most of the letters work fine so I'd get one and have a go with the knowledge that they can be a bit fiddly. I won't part with this one having waited 6 months for a replacement. BJ#19

  9. Oh well done...bet your daughter was thrilled...and Donna too! Love that cool is now 28degrees and that you're still working on the balcony. Did your dear BF keep you company and just watch in awe whilst you made this table go from empty to full?

  10. as I recall we spread from table to floor to balcony wall to chaise longue... so glad you enjoyed making the mini book and that you are using the stamps - I feel honoured!

    monty (mad) had offered me a bed plus one - if you want I'm sure she would be okay with you being the plus one - not sure how you would get to her place from the airport though?

    and if Lizzie comes too we would have to pretend there were only two of us when in fact there would be three, but I know if Monty can cope with three dogs she can cope with three woywwers


    hope the knee is improving - have you been to the spa yet?

  11. love your little books and the tin..... so much loveliness, no wonder there is so much mess.... but it is all good mess, you know what I mean.
    keep up with the physio
    janet #120

  12. Wow - that would be soooo awesome if you could make the WOYWW crop!!! It is on Saturday 13th October at Ludgershall (look it up on Google maps) It's about 1.5 hours away from London and is easy to get to from many main routes. I don't know where your DBF lives, so it's hard to give directions.
    It would run from 10-4, lunch and cakes all day! Prizes, competitions and a bit of fun - it should be a great day!!
    Hugs, LLJ #13 xx

  13. Glad to hear that your therapy is helping, keep up the good work! Love the mini album you made and that charm is just too adorable, love the beads! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  14. I'd take 28 C any day. It's over 40 C here every day. I love those little books. Yes, you made a heck of a mess, but I know it was for a really good cause. Thanks for the early visit to my place.

  15. Wonderful gift, lovely busy desk... and good luck with the rest of the physio! Thanks for stopping by.
    Helen, 4

  16. Love your little book, what a treasured present this is and made from the heart. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

    Happy crafting
    Eliza #30

  17. Prekrasno darilo. Zelo lepo si ga sestavila in okrasila.
    Ob tej vročini je ustvarjalni kotiček na terasi pravi zaklad. Lp

  18. Great book you have made for your daughter. Isn't Donna a love sending you a video.
    Well, I wonder how three of you managed when you have so much stuff out there. Amazing"!
    Glad the leg is improving and you are persevering with the physio. It wil be worth it.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet xx #36

  19. Beautiful book for your daughter, I bet she'll love it. I like how you can craft outside too. It's not as warm in Michigan in the last week and we've had some rain too. I read about your explanation of your name day and the saints, but if your name isn't that of a saint then I suppose you have no name day to celebrate! Good news that you're feeling better, really hope you continue to improve and are soon up and about again.

    Brenda 38

  20. What a cute little book! And a very creative table (I think it may be time for a bigger table...LOL!)