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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WOYWW, what is a name day and my altered book cover!

Hello my dear friends !

I hope you are all well, happy with your athlets winning medals and coping with whatever weather you have! We are having another heatwave - 35 deg C during the day, but at the moment still about 20 deg C in the night so we are still able to have a good nights sleep!
I am faithfully going to physio every day - my knee is very slowly getting better but I am not where I would like to be yet! A bit impatient you see! :-)
Now as you all know today is the world blog hop guided by our lovely Queen Julia so hop along with us if you dare! ha, ha....show your very messy or very tidy desk!
Well I am more on the messy side because I started serious work on my altered book! When Donna and Jo were here we did 2 inside pages with a technique Donna showed us, so my altered book was sitting there for a while and my next move was gessoing the cover and spraying it with Dylusions and Perfect pearl mists! 

Another week passed and today I got up to all the stamping 

I decided on a child stamp for the front - symbolical of inocence - I am altering a book about the horrors of war and children suffer the most in wars...you can see it on the side there!


I painted the girl with Fresco finish paints and also Sennelier oil pastels - uuh I love them - I only have a few as they are so expensive, but they are worth every euro I payed for them.....

I stamped the girl on sticky canvas which I then stuck to the cover and added a few bits of lace, flowers and a very old ribbon I found in my sewing box - I think I am not finished yet but I couldn't think of what else to put on it! Oh yes I did put some Golden gold mica gel around the girl - it is absolutely fabulous in my opinion...

So that is my crafty bit.......next up WHAT IS A NAME DAY......well we are a Catholic country and when catholics are christened they are usually given a name after one of the saints - every day of the year a different saint is celebrated ( you have huge festivities in countries like Italy and Spain or even more so in South America) so the day  "your" saint is celebrated it is your NAME DAY! Recently on the 26th of July it was St. Anna day and on the 29th of July it was St. Martha! So there now that is cleared I hope! 
Next is something I must share with you - how kindness is spread all over the world - a few weeks ago when I blogged about my knee operation a lady from Australia Eliza from Queenartoypia asked me for my address so she could send me a card and today came a lovely envelope with an amazing card inside and a beautiful set of Kaisercraft stamps ! THANK YOU SO MUCH ELIZA - it was a lovely surprise and I am sure my knee will heal much better now!!! Bloggers have a look at my lovely present........

So that is all I have to share for today, I know I am late but these days I am slow - I will come round to you eventually!
Love, hugs and good olympic spirits to all of you!


  1. I am glad you are recovering after your operation. Your artwork is gorgeous.
    Carol x

  2. What a fabulous card and pressie...how kind of Eliza!

    I hope your knee heals quickly. I had a meniscal tear repaired and a debridement from arthritis a few years ago. I did several weeks of physio and it is so much better now. I need total knee replacement on both but am putting it off as the pain now is not bad enough to go through all that.
    That arthoscopic work I had done really stretched the time till I need my knees replaced.
    I hope you bouce back soon.
    Your art journal is looking great!

  3. Wow what a fabulous altered book. Love the use of mists.

    The bears #98

  4. Your book cover looks great!! What a sweet gesture by Eliza...her card is pretty.

  5. Oh so glad it arrived and you loved the surprise, I do hope you get better faster now. Hang in there is it a slow process and don't push yourself to hard. Love the altered book it is looking fabulous and I love the vibrant colours.

    Happy crafting
    Eliza #16 again.

  6. I am so pleased to see that your card and gift arrived, glad you liked it too. Sorry I had to bend the packaging and alter things slightly to make it all fit. I am sure now that your knee will heal faster, I know having this type of surgery is difficult.

    Happy Crafting with your knee up. LOL

    Eliza #16 again

  7. Maybe I have done 2 posts delete one if you want and this one, we had a short power blackout and I was not sure if the last post went through sorry.


  8. Well, I agree, the gift of stamps will help your knee to heal faster, which I hope it does! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  9. Lots of lovely things on your post! I really like the book cover you've done, the gold mica is bling-tastic! And I love the stamps Eliza sent you, how fab are they?
    I have had a great birthday, lots of beads and beautiful things... oh and champagne!!
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  10. WoW, your altered book page is just stunning! So many lovely elements coming together so beautifully as one entity. Well done you! That's a lovely gift from Eliza too and I hope it does make your leg heal quicker.
    Lots of love Jo x

  11. Občudujem tvoj "messy" kotiček iz katerega prihajajo čudovite kreacije. Platnice so mi zelo, zelo všeč!
    Upam, da bo šlo koleno kmalo naboljše.

  12. you are right your book is stunning, stunning, go Girl...

    so when is Santa Dolores day???

    I mailed you the wrong friggin lead _ I found yours the day after - check if the one I sent works if it does I'll just bring your own one back next time I come over?

    Hope Kitty got there safe,

    sorry I'm 'late' I have been glued to the olympics ( tis the only time I watch telly - once every four years!!!!) I felt cheated that we could not get any tickets when it is in our homeland - enjoy the paralympics when you come over & post your photos to make me really envious...


  13. Tole tvoje delo je precej zanimivo in čisto opravičeno je na tvoji ustvarjalni mizi kaos. Tako je, ko pademo v ustvarjalni svet :) Dobro je slišati, da gre počasi na bolje in ta bonbonček, ki si ga tako prijazno dobila, je krasen.

  14. Glad to read that you can feel an improvement in the knee...be patient,it will be worth it! Your journal has started amazingly well, love the cover...Donna and Jo have been a real influence on your art huh!