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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WOYWW, cards and an angel

Good morning my dear bloggy friends!

I hope you are all well and happy! I must thank all of you for last weeks amazing response to my photo problem! You were all so helpful and to be honest I think lots of you also gained from the comments that were put on my blog as it seems this has suddenly become a big problem! As I said I decided to pay the extra dollars a month so that I can still show bigger pictures as I think blogging is a lot about pictures - what is the first thing you do when you look at a post??? You look at the pictures and THEN start reading the text so it is essential that the pictures are nice and big! I will be honest I really don't like when people make their pictures so small on their blog you can hardly see anything! I just LOVE a good old proper SNOOP!!!
Next I must apologise to lots of you as I didn't get around to your desks - my DBF came to visit from England so there were other things to do and I just didn't get round to looking at my computer - thank you to all of you I will be good this week and call in to as much of you as possible!!
Now without further ado first up is my lovely messy desk......

My room is now sooo full of stuff if I want something I have take off a pile of things (like all those TH DI) just to get to something so really I think it is time for a big clean up before I go any further with my holiday cardmaking! I sent a package of about 15 cards with my DBF - that is the first English batch! 
Next I will show you a couple of my latest makes....
First up is my washi tape card.....I have been collecting various washi tapes - especially red ones and I made a background out of just washi tape! The trees were punched with an EK success punch which I love very much because the tree just seems to be the perfect shape and size! Lots of bling on there too....

The next card is made with a Hero Arts village stamp - I stamped it with Versamark and then used silver embossing powder, punched a couple of snowflakes and added some ribbon - quite simple card but I love the looks of it..... that village just reminds me of lovely winter evenings back home....

and as last but not least I would like to show you another lovely angel that has flown all the way from England...it came from Jo aka TWIGLET and is just such a lovely, beautiful gentle little creature....

with her came a lovely Christmas card and cards with Jo's amazing dumpfed pictures..... here is a bit of a close up of my cute Grace......

And here are the 2 newly found sisters together......

Ah I just love them - at the moment they are sleeping in my bed, but soon they will be hanging on my Christmas tree! THANK YOU JO (Jozart) and JO (Twiglet)! All my love to you both!
My angels are almost done too, I am a slow coach so bare with me....I think I am still on the mark at the moment!
I wish you all a lovely week, a lovely snoop too - I will be visiting as much of you as possible and do link up to our HQ where Queen Julia keeps us all in check!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Gorgeous cards today.....aren't they always? :-)
    A x #42
    ps I'm hoping you will 'like' me [check out my blog for more info]

  2. What lovely cards you have made. I love the washi tape, what a fabulous idea and the scene from the Hero Arts Stamp is really pretty. How nice to have your home somewhere like that. Hope you put some photos up when it snows around you.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. Oh such gorgeous cards - they really are perfect. I just haven't got off the mark with mine really yet - as you see from my little fabric heart!! Don't our angels look happy together - 2 "Jo" angels- a double deal! lol Glad you like little Grace. Have a fab week. x Jo

  4. Fab makes! Glad you got your picture problem sorted. As you say it's a small fee but it means we get to post our pictures! I have coffee & I'm off to snoop! Take care Zo xx 45

  5. Like the washi tape Christmas card very much!
    I've not been WOYWWing for a few weeks and angels have appeared everywhere, it's all very ethereal.

    ** Kate **

  6. What a collection of cards and angels too especially love that pink one she is a beauty. Glad you sorted your problem and are in full swing again. I by the way actually read and look as I go so if the words are first, I read them then look at the picture and read more then picture, I think this is the way it should be done. At the end I go back and look harder at the pictures LOL. Yep party pooper but I like my reading to be full on the way it should be.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 39

  7. Beautiful cards, and angels! Have a great day, at your very busy space! Helen, 8

  8. Love your cards - sometimes those simpler ones just hit the spot perfectly... I love your village scene, and the washi tape makes a great background. Lovely angels too! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  9. Hi there. Your blue card is definitely a favourite! And the angels are cute too. Each with their own personality I'm sure!

  10. Your cards are lovely. We agree about blogs needing photos, ours is always photo heavy and we're planning for when we need to start paying.

    The bears @#85 this week

  11. Stunning cards and I love both angles. Not playing this week so I don't have a #. Just home for a few days between trips but needed to pop in and say hi and check out what's going on around WOYWW. Have a great week.

  12. Love love love the red christmas card!
    Happy Wednesday,

  13. Such beautiful things on your blog today, I love both the cards, they are stunning, and the little angels are just adorable! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  14. Gorgeous cards and I love your angels. It's great to think that they are all winging their way around the world at this time of year.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #58

  15. Both your angels are gorgeous - the pink one is most definitely 'you'. I remember you've got a thing for pink haven't you?? It's been lovely to see how different all the angels are - but they're all having the same affect, of spreading love and joy around the world!
    Hugs, LLJ #32 xx

  16. What a coincidence you r angels came from 2 JOs !!! It has been such fun ADHD I will run another next year on a different theme. Quite a few are sorry they didn't do any angels now. After arriving at airport early Iit took so long to get bagge checked in then thru security I only got to the gate as they were boarding, what a nightmare! Then someone took ill on plane and they had to call paramedics so take off was delayed. Scuse typos but I ca,t find my stylus for my iPad. Family all been in bed early so I,m catching up with visits. Fun starts tomorrow!
    Love love love your collection of cards.. Super!
    Speak soon
    Love Jo x

  17. lovely pictures... I think you are right i might just have to pay and get more space ... it would seem the easiest thing although it is every month. The washi tape card is a brilliant idea and the village card is lovely. Have a great week
    janet #26

  18. love your cards, you've been very busy!! BUT!! the dolls are the 'bestest' ever! Love them, lucky you! Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn) #21-ish

  19. Hello. I love that card made with washi tape. Fabulous idea. The trees look great too!
    What pretty Angels you have too.

  20. What lovely angels! They will look wonderful on your tree! Your cards are great too! Love washi tape but they are sooooo expensive here in the Philippines!!! patsy

  21. Wonderfaul cards - my fave is the washi tape one :)

    Belated Happy WOYWW and hugs, Di xx

  22. Hi there Dolores, your rose (called Delores) has about half dozen beautiful buds at the moment, will pick three or four of them tomorrow they are so lovely.. ah love those cards would be hard to pick the washi tapes are awesome but love the village stamp too! beautiful gifts from Jo and Jo!
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #1

  23. Loving all the angels. and your cards turned out fab too. Hope you had a Happy WOYWW.

    MA (9)

  24. Hi Dolores, Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words re. my cards. If I was more organised maybe they wouldn't end up on the floor! I LOVE that blue card (with the village)! And I've also been collecting washi tapes but haven't done much with them yet. (I agree with you about the size of pics on blogs.) Happy late WOYWW!

  25. I'm STILL a slowcoach with my angels - but I've been a tad busy as next week's WOYWW will show! ;-D

    Love the cards you've made, they're gorgeous...

    Thanks for stopping by!