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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WOYWW, just a quickie!

Hello my dear bloggy friends

I hope you are all safe and warm! We have finally got the proper winter ( Yay fun - NOT) and have to put up with the daily conundrums of SNOW.....cleaning the car off a couple of times a day, slippery roads,freezing temperatures and icy pavements ( not very nice when you have a dodgy knee) so nothing romantic about it....except for the look of it.....here is a little photo for you....our faculty garden.....

My desk seems empty - well it was quite messy earlier because I have been making the angels but because they are a big secret until they reach their destination I had to clear everything away - they will be flying to England tomorrow....
So here is my desk - on the desk you can see a background for a card - I sprayed it with dylusions and cosmic shimmer - which I have newly found - they were sitting on a shelf for ages - it took a while for me to "wake" them as the spray things were all clogged with the mica but in the end they came out nicer then the dylusions.....the color looks orange and yellowish but in fact it is red and green! to the right you can see a box full of stickles - I wanted to put them in that box - I did in the end but couldn't close the lid - huh! and it is such a nice box!

Also my grey pearls and earings are on the table, washi tapes, my cuppa and all sorts.....
And as last another Christmas card....I quite like this one as it involves stamping, die cutting and embossing....

and a close up...

And that is me done for today....our Queen Julia ( the woman that organises this weekly game) will be very happy as she wants us to be short!
Have a lovely day, a good snoop and happy Christmas crafting - not long now just a couple of weeks!
Lots of hugs to all of you,
P.S.: have you noticed I have a new blog design?? A bit Christmassy I guess.....


  1. Gorgeous card and lovely pics of the snow....but I'm like you with dodgy knees so am happy just to look at it. :-)
    A x #42

  2. Gorgeous background and lovely cards to show us today. Love the snowy picture but am with you on being surrounded by the real stuff. Nice on cards and then that is it for me I am afraid.
    Take care (and especially of that knee) - Hugs, Neet 46 xx

  3. Love the background, I am always finding that my colours on the blog don't look the same as in real life. My camera comes out different depending on what type of light is being photographed in( Re the 'blue' photos a couple of weeks ago, lol.) I had to smile at the box- I get the same thing, either I can't shut the lid, or I have one too many to fit the box.Have a great week, Hugs,Shaz #54

  4. I did notice your new blog design, it is beautiful and love the falling snow too. Love your gorgeous card and your desk looks very inviting. Do take care in the snow (from one dodgy knee to another!). Happy WOYWW, Anne x #49

  5. Great cards! We had a light dusting of snow here today too,but luckily it's all gone now and the sun is out (not sure for how long)Have a good day, and stay safe. Helen, 5

  6. Hooray - it's Christmas!! Your blog has made me feel much better in this busy busy time!
    Love the card :)
    Hugs, LLJ ~30 xx

  7. Your new look blog is gorgeous and nice that it has snow on there too! Lovely photo of the snow outside too!
    That card is beautiful. Re your stickles, have you tried turning some of them upside down? I did that with some of mine as they were getting low and it made it easier to squeeze and discovered I can get more in my tin!

  8. Great Christmas blog background. Your card is wonderful, I love those 3 elements on a card too.
    Krisha #96

  9. Your background paper is just divine. Seriously, it's scrumptious.

    cheers, rachel #50

  10. You would think that after all these years we would have learnt to deal more efficiently with snow! Don't envy you having to get around in it, but at the same time wouldn't mind the photo opportunity.

    ** Kate **

  11. Love your Christmassy blog design! That card is soo lovely - you are clever. I actually made a few cards today! yahoo!! at last.x Jo

  12. Beautiful card :). Thanks for sharing this week!

    #11 Apryl

  13. Great card and nice space you have there. Love the new blog look too. Sunshine Girl no.21

  14. Gorgeous card! Dying to see what's under that paper!!!
    I really don't envy you the snow as my German taster of it was quite enough, thank you, and I don't even have a dodgy knee! I'll aim to skype Friday evening with a bit of luck and good management and we can have a nice catch up!
    Jo xxx

  15. Beautiful snowy garden, and I love your elegant white card!
    Alison x

  16. Ohh like the color you've got going on your desk. The card is fab! Hugs, Nan 85

  17. Oooo...lušna čestitka!!! Lp, Petra

  18. Poor you.. I did try to skype, with no luck, last Friday. Hope you are feeling better and look forward to a chat.
    Jo x

  19. Hi Cardarian! Your card is very lovely, and so you Christmas blog background.

    thanks for passing by my blog :-)