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Monday, December 17, 2012


Hello my dear bloggy friends!

As we are getting near to Christmas and my angels have reached their destination, I can now show you a few photos.....
I present to you Gabriella and Michaella......

Michaella.....arch angel Michaella is a very special angel a warrior that fights for the good.....

Her wings are made of tinsel.... my daughter liked her very much - she thought she was so funky with he red wired hair...huh it took me a while to figure out how to get that hair on the head....

Gabriella.... in the backgound you can see my advent wreath.....made with moss, baubles and pearls...

Her wings....also made with TH tinsel....

 For the faces I bought some wooden balls and colored the balls with acrylic paint and then drew the faces , there was also some sewing done on the clothes and the use of a glue gun! 

I am happy they have found lovely new homes with Jozart and Wipso! 
Lots of hugs to all and enjoy the last week before Christmas!


  1. And I love her to bits. :-) Thank you so very much.
    A x

  2. They are lovely!! Happy nearly Christmas!!

  3. I'm the lucky recipient of the lovely Gabriele who has taken her place with the rest of my heavenly host for Christmas! thank you so much Dolores for making her specially for me! I love her and will treasure her!
    Love Jo x

  4. Sweet! Wish I could join swaps! patsy