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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WOYWW, A very messy craft space!

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I am soooo very busy but even though I am busy I just couldn't miss out on one of the last WOYWWs of the year! I am busy at work, busy at home, just finished cards - sending the last ones off today! I have to get my daughter to help me now with all the decorating as I can't get up ladders with my dodgy knee! My mom comes on Saturday so before she comes all should be done!! Then it will just be baking and cooking lovely Christmas meals and lots and lots of chat! We will also go to church so my dear friends a prayer will be put on the altar for all of you !
I am very happy that my "angel swapers" where happy with their angels - it was a pleasure to make them and even a bigger pleasure to send them to such special lovely WOYWWers JOZART and WIPSO!!!!!
We are blessed with warmer weather which is nice ( no scraping the car windows in the morning) and we are actually just having a lovely sunny day! I will be off to our work Christmas doo in a minute!!!
 So to get to the point of this mad Wednesday gathering .....here is my desk of this morning!

As you can see, a card in the making, a box of H2Os which I used to color the Santa on the card, TH DI, my sketch book,  various adhesives, a copic marker, scissors and the obligatory cuppa! Here is a shot from the top ( no I didn't stand on the chair :-) )

Here is a shot of my new Big Shot, YES MY VAGABOND PACKED UP!!!!!!! I have decided never ever to buy anything electrical for crafting - the old manual way is the best way! Huh!

I will show a few more of my cards in my next post which will be the last one before Christmas....for the ones that come to my blog only for WOYWW, I wish you all a LOVELY CHRISTMAS, enjoy the day with your family and friends! May peace, happiness and love be with you all!
Lots and lots of hugs  and love to all of you 


  1. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    TFS Happy WOYWW Mrs.C.xx #34

  2. I love my Big Shot - and I have heard so many people with a Vagabond who have had problems. Your desk is busy (as always!) - hope you get it all done in time (we always do...) Have a wonderful Christmas and see you at a craft show soon, I hope! Helen, 3

  3. I am so glad I didn't go for the Vagabond, (sorry TH)I have an original Sizzex (packed away) Texture Boutique and my fav the Big Shot. Your card is great by the way :) Hope you have a Merry, Merry Christmas
    Krisha #78

  4. I'm just popping by to say....
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with everything that makes you happy.
    A x #38

  5. looks like everything is under control in craft depot Cardarian. Lots of love for a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2013. Let's make it a great one.
    Jo x

  6. Happy Christmas to you and yours

  7. I agree, I have a Cuttlebug and a bigbite and have just ordered a Bind-it-all. Only electrical thing is my laptop! Enjoy your Bigshot. Happy Christmas BJ#1

  8. I would agree except it would be disloyal to my trusty Cricut. :o) But I love my Cuttlebug too. Happy Wednesday and Happy Christmas. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@45)

  9. Hi dolores
    still lots going on on your desk, I hope you get it all finished in time
    I hope you and yours have a fab Christmas time
    janet #21

  10. Sorry to hear about the vagbabond but, I do agree the manual way is the only way. Love your card on the desk. Wishing you a wonderful christmas.
    Sandra @17

  11. Hope you get all organised for your mums visit and don't tire yourself out too much. Enjoy the real essence of Christmas and take care of that knee.
    Happy Christmas - Love, Net 12 xx

  12. I've heard of other Vagabonds breaking but I don't have one myself. I am very happy with my Cuttlebug. I love all your Christmas cards (post above), especially the one 5th from the top. Have a lovely Christmas! Best wishes, RosA

  13. happy WOYWW! enjoy your new toy!
    may you and your loved ones have a joyful Christmas season
    and a blessed new year ahead!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  14. Hi Cardarian,
    My first woyww and so fun. You have a lovely blog here. I'm following you now. Hope you'll follow on mine too. That helps me to remember to come back here.
    Merry Christmas (#76), Coleen
    an American in Ukraine

  15. I converted to a big shot sometime this year and cannot complain at all, it's sturdy and takes a lot of use, so no, I won't be going electric any more! Your angels were lovely, I know the girls were really pleased with them. As I'm so late your sweet Mother will be with you by now, so I hope the decorations are twinkling and you're relaxing a little now. Happy Christmas!

  16. I'm thankful I hadn't heard about the vagabond before I got my Big Shot but after I got it and saw how hard it works I was really glad I picked it. Then the vagabond came along and I just didn't see how an electrical machine could be a workhorse like the manual ones are and the more complaints I hear about the vagabond the happier I am to have a Big Shot. Glad you have one now, I think you're only going to love it more and more as time goes on. Have fun crafting! Deeyll #33

  17. I know I’ve not joined in with WOYWW just recently but I’ll be back in the new year for sure.

    I just wanted to pop by to say thanks for all the fun and inspiration you’ve shared over the last year and to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.