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Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday smiles with my daughter!

Hello and good morning to my bloggy friends!

I don't usually participate in Annie's Friday Smiles but I have some lovely smiles to share! Recently my daughter has been here visiting with her boyfriend! We had a lovely time - went up to Liverpool to see my friend Jo and after that they stayed with us her in Kent for a few days! Every morning when I turn on my computer I have a look at the photos we have taken and it puts a smile on my face so I thought this would be great to share on Annie's Friday Smiles!
This is my lovely daughter - she has recently finished her university studies and is a professor of Spanish language and History of Art! I am very proud!

Here she is with her boyfriend who is a really nice man very kind and always prepared to help....

We stayed at Jo's and had a lovely time - the young ones absolutely loved it in Liverpool so we will probably go back again if Jo will have us...:-)

We also met up with my partners daughters and family - we had a really nice time - it was the first time they have met....we had dinner in a restaurant and also took a big family photo outside - everybody was supposed to pull a face on that one...:-)

This is a selfie we took before they left and my daughter's boyfriend managed to get us all in even Alan - my partner who was sitting in the back....

So there - these are my lovely memories and they make me smile every time I look at them! I hope you will enjoy them too!
Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to smile! 
Lots of hugs,


  1. How lovely to see you joining in today Dolores. I can sense just how proud you are of your daughter....and so you should be. All your pics made me smile...I really love family times. Thanks for sharing....please come back again soon.
    Annie x

  2. How nice to gather together
    Thanks for the smile
    Lynn X

  3. Well hello! Lovely to see you joining in!
    Your pictures are definitely to smile about! Your daughter is absoplutely gorgeous! What a great gettogether. You will treasure the memories.
    Have a good week,

  4. Hi Dolores, and happy Friday. Wonderful to see your family photos, your daughter is lovely and you are right to be proud... nice to have them visit - it's great to have family around. Enjoy your week cheers Robyn