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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

WOYWW, more mess on my desk and 2 cards

Hello my dear friends!

I am a bit late coming on here - we have been out looking for a matress! Need a new one and ohh what a job! You go round shops laying on beds and thinking is this one softer or harder then the other one! Can't decide! And some shops have about 60 beds to try out! If you could have a sleep on there that would be ok! But you can't you just have to go from one to the other!!Huh! I hope we decide soon I am fed up with beds!!!!
Ok then I had my moan so  now  lets get up to serious WOYWW business! I have been in my craft room many hours this week but not doing any lovely crafty work - well I made 2 cards but most of the time I have been - you guessed - cleaning stamps! I am actually becoming really good at it - some of the stamps are being returned to their former glory!!! What is really bad is I haven't worked out a system of how to store them yet so they are piled on my desk with all the rest of the stuff I have been using this week sooo there is a biiiiig mess on there....have a look!

Carnige! And I had such a lovely clean and tidy new craft room! Look at it now!!!! OHHHHHHH!
Still it will be tidy again soon ! I hope!
Here are my two cards I managed to make - both birthday cards! These are not made with the stamps I am cleaning - they are Carabelle Studio stamps which I absolutely love! So modern! Lovely!

So there that is it from me! Have a lovely week! Have fun, stamp and craft!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Bright and beautiful cards. Good luck finding the perfect mattress. That's a job in our near future, which I am not looking forward to!

    Fiona #52

  2. Hi there. Well done. It won't take too long to tidy everything away when you have finished cleaning all the stamps.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  3. Love your cards, I'm sure you will soon tidy up your desk. Anne x #23

  4. Oh the ups and downs of crafting !! I am just glad I am back to some normal life again. Lovely colors on those cards. I love the flowers on the last one. Thanks for the inspiration and have fun with the clean up.

  5. Lovely cards. At least all your stamps will be nice and clean and then the desk will follow.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #34

  6. Beautiful cards! Don't sweat the desk. I bought some baskets and dropped the stamps in those...it works! Have a great week. Vickie11

  7. the cards are fabulous! hope you find a mattress to suit soon. you said exactly what I was talking about with someone else who was buying a new mattress! you need to test it out for a night before you decide. Helen #1

  8. Such bright and happy cards. My storage is simple.....I have my stamps in 2 plastic boxes. I am sure another woyww will come up with a great storage solution. Always amazed at how many stamps people have in the craft room. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @28

  9. Loving your colourful creations! Happy belated! zsuzsa #22

  10. I can see how stamp cleaning could take up a lot of time. I don't even want to think about it. I've got so many other tasks, that one gives me a little panic attack! Your cards are really great. I'm especially smitten with the flowers in the second one. Wonderful job!
    Hope #45

  11. I am so loving the look of your desk, nice and busy! Gorgeous makes too. Happy belated woyww, Angela x 17

  12. What bright and lively cards! Your work space is perfect... filled with creative chaos! Sorry I'm so late! Have a great week! Heather (waywardgypsy) #51?

  13. Great cards!
    I love the vibrant colours and the details on them.

    Have a great weekend!
    Better late than never-wishes
    from SusanLotus nr 32 WOYWW

  14. Tsk tsk lady! Hopefully you've got it all tidied up not that I can talk, my desk seems to just get worse! Beautifully vibrant cards too, you're braver than I!

    hope you've had a good week,

    Morti @40