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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WOYWW, a tidy desk sort of !

My dear bloggy friends!

Sorry I haven't visited many of you last week - we were busy cleaning the house and trying to sort out various things - not that we are very successful ! Our boiler isn't working so I am having cold showers! BRRRR! Can't get a plumber! The garden is in a big mess - everything overgrown - we can't get a gardener! We wanted to buy a new matress - that hasn't happened yet ! So although we are phoning up people going to shops and trying to sort things out nothing seems to happen! Huh so frustrating!
Still on the crafty side of things I have done quite a bit! Not actually making much stuff - just cleaning stamps! 
Here is a box full of mostly rubber cling stamps that are clean and sorted by theme in these plastic pochets.....

This basket is full of clean wood mounted stamps....

They are all clean and ready to use - at the moment they are in plastic bags sorted by whatever they are backgrounds, floral, faces, words.... I would like to put them on display but at the moment I have no space to do that so I am thinking...there will have to be another change in my craft room but I am not sure what to do yet! We shall see!
I have stopped doing the stamp cleaning for a while as other things are pressing! My desk looks a bit more tidy!

I haven't made anything for a while so I thought I would start with some ATCs to start me off - I should be doing Christmas cards like mad - I need to make 55 as I counted this morning and I haven't made 1 yet! Really worried but I guess once I start I will just carry on! 
So there that is me - a bit of a boring desk but hopefully next week I will be able to wow you with lots of stuff!
 Are you ladies watching the Great British Bake Off? So sad Selasi left - he was my favourite! Still what do you think who will win? We will find out tonight! 
Have a lovely week I will try to come round to you this week - last week was just too busy! Thank you to all that have kindly commented on my blog!
Lots of hugs to all of you!


  1. Hi Dolores, great work on the stamp cleaning, I've been die organising! Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #1 xxx

  2. I've been organizing too! Sometimes it's just as fun as making something. Happy Wednesday! Sandy Leigh #44

  3. good luck getting the work done!! well done with the stamp cleaning (I don't do more than wipe off the wet ink or paint and leave them... life is too short in my eyes, lol!!) Helen #5

  4. That must be so frustrating, not being able to find people to help you! I think I would join a gym just for the hot showers if I didn't have hot water at home! LOL! I haven't started my Christmas Cards either, but I don't think I have as many to make as you do, thankfully! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #49

  5. Wow it sounds like a frustrating week at your house! Great job with all the cleaning and organising. I have to admit I try to clean them as I go along. I can't stand my stamps being messy!

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #42

  6. Oooh I think organizing is my favorite thing behind making stuff so, its fun to see how people are doing that with their stash. tfs, Stacy #48

  7. I hate to hear you're having so much trouble getting other people to come do their jobs for you. Here's hoping you get all that settled soon!
    At least you've got some clean stamps! :)
    I'm glad you took some time to get artsy. It's a great stress-reliever with all you've got going on. I'm sure you'll come up with something for your Christmas cards soon!
    Hope #43

  8. It's so frustrating when you need jobs doing and can't find anyone to do it. Not having hot water is a real pain. Still, I suppose you are making the most of your time and really sorting out your stash, which is a good job to do!
    I have enjoyed Bake Off too and really liked Selasi. I wasn't sure about Candice at first but she grew on me as the series went on!
    Hugs, LLJ 4 xxx

  9. You have done amazingly well getting through cleaning and organising so many stamps but you certainly aren't finished yet. There are still several boxes of stash here waiting for you.
    However I am looking forward to seeing you make some gorgeous cards from your new stash.
    Remember that I have a print tray to display your block mounted stamps.
    "See" you Friday!
    Jo x

  10. I do like working with a clean stamp so tend to clean them after I've used them but sometimes they need a bit extra. Happy belated woyww, Angela x 20

  11. Hopelessly behind with my WOYWW visits - again! So frustrating when you can't get things done. I am making an attempt at getting my sewing room tidy after we had a busy crafrty week getting ready for workshops etc. x Jo