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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WOYWW - March 10th

Hello my dear snoopy friends!

I said I would be back with photos of my mess.....so here is nr. 1......SHOOOOOOCK!!!!!

This is what my desk lookes like the morning after crafting....I was so tired I couldn't clean up in the evening... I forgot to take a photo of  the floor which was an even bigger mess, papers, cuttings, cuttlebug ( I don't have room to have cuttlebug on my desk although I use it a lot and should make room for it but where????????), punches.....
I tidyed up a little bit since but yesterday I printed off some easter digi stamps which I will hopefully turn into cards with my magic ( if it ever comes back) and today a package of papers and Penny black stamps arrived so I put it all on my desk to say to me "come, play with us, make some beautiful cards" - sorry, sorry, not hearing anything yet! I must be deaf!
So here is something for your eyes as you don't need to hear anything ha, ha.....

Oh yes I was playing with my scissors too so that is why they are all spread out there....yes and I managed to take a picture of my finger - there on the left....

and here is my last photo with the whole lot.....

I hope you enjoy snooping around - wish me luck with my mojo.....I must start making cards I must start making cards I must start making cards.....my manthra these days.....
Hugs to all of you lovely ladies


  1. Love the PB Stamps. I store my cuttlebug on the floor too. Hugs Pam x

  2. Good Luck with your Mojo ... desk is looking mighty fine and hugs right back at ya X

  3. Interesting that we all end up with a phone on our desks. How we coped before cordless phones? Dunno! Your mojo will be fine - relax, eat some chocolate, take some big breaths and it'll be right there waiting for you with those lovely new stamps!

  4. Good luck with your mojo, it will have a field day with all your beautiful new stamps.
    Clare x

  5. Oh, I love Penny Black....
    thanks for dropping by my mess!

  6. ooh love the stamps. what are you doing that involves that many pairs of scissors???

  7. love your new stamps - I have the ones with the mice and the toaster etc too. It was lovely to meet with Paula and as you say we can all meet here in blogland which is extra nice when we can join with people from other countries and cultures.

  8. Wow - you've gone penny black mad - I love all of those stamps - i've just had delivery of a set of clear PB's with the hedgehogs. I usually blog all my new stash on a saturday - so you'll get to see them then (and everything else i've had delivery of!)

    Paula x x x

  9. What mess????? a little folding table might be useful so you can work in an uncluttered area. Love your cat stamp. I have learnt that there is no use forcing your self ....your mojo will return after it has had a rest. Try something different ... have a play with something you have never tried. Sometimes my mojo goes for weeks and weeks.

  10. Love your stamps. Thats a very busy desk you have there.
    A x

  11. I love penny black too, and I nearly bought that stamp just last month, but thought it a bit dear, I think she saw me coming! Lovely work space and it's pink!!