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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello all you snoopy ladies!

I am back with a post with WOYWW . I have something new....a little Hello Kitty chest of drawers....I think it is not really something an old bat like me should have on her desk but my daughter saw it in the shop the other day and thought it would look "funky" in my pink craft room...As you will see I use it to store my many digi papers which I buy and then print out and.....well maybe sometimes use..Also I have bought more stuff for my stash...bling, glitter, little mementos and ribbon all in pinkies and yellows and greens for my Easter cards and here on the right I have printed out a new copics color chart as I have not worn my glasses (naughty girl!) and didn't color in the right squares so I have to start a new....eh old age......anyway have a snoop my dear ladies...I just love Wednesdays... so much fun this snooping.....

My new chest of drawers

Here is what is hidden in the drawers.....digi papers....



And here is my new stash.....



Copics color chart waiting to be colored...


And another view of my mess

Have a lovely crafty evening!


  1. I love your pink room - and your new drawers - great. Can I just add that its great having someone from Slovinia join in Julia's WOYWW - it's brought us all a bit closer and made the world a lot smaller - we're just a desk away.

    Thank you for your comments on my post the other day, really appreciated - nice words and wishes all the way from Slovinia!!!!

    Speaking of words - your English is excellent - can I ask you what you do for a job - it should be an interpreter!!!

    Paula x x x

  2. Can't possibly ever be too old for Hello Kitty! Love the new draws. Your new stash looks yummy, how interesting that you print out and stash your digi papers rather than just doing them from disk when you want them. I don't have much digi at all, but this might be why I don't use them much!

  3. I love those boxes! Good luck with your colour chart!

  4. great new stash. love the drawers personally I love Hello Kitty - I would not go so far as to have a bag with it at my age, but in the privacy of your craft room it is allowed!

  5. Your comment on my blog made me roar.
    Love the Hello Kitty bits ... brings a touch of fun to it all... age does not determin what you like... but unfortunately my joints and back are telling me Im 63 next week !!

  6. I love you kity drawers and love the spotty paper in the second one Hugs Pam

  7. Very nice - looks like fun new stuff!

  8. Loving the hello Kitty drawers!

  9. Hi ..Thanks for following my blog ....I'm new to all this blogging as well ..have found out a few things but there are still loads i'm still trying to work out lol !! ..Anyway love your cards and the pictures of your crafting area .. i'm hoping to start decorating and putting in a new desk and shelves etc over the next few weeks in my crafting room ..i have a couple of new cards which i will add to my blog over the next couple of days ...Have a great day ..xx

  10. I love your pink craftroom and the little drawers are perfect! I like digi paper too, but I'm cheap so I go for the freebies!! Lovely new stash, I haven't seen Memento inks packaged like that before.


  11. You can never have too many drawers and those ones are so sweet!

    It looks like you have a rather nice collection of stamps there, I’d love to spend some time playing with them and those rather lush ribbons………… I happy to give them a home for you if you don’t have room!


  12. How lovely! :) Thank you for your wonderful comments! I truly appreciate it! :D Made my day. :) Love your blog :D Thank you again,