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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anniversary card nr.1 almost done!

Good evening Ladies!

How are you all this evening?? Had a hard day?? Tired??? Or are you just waking up or having a lunch somewhere???  It is strange and yet wonderful how we are all connected and we all have these different times when we log in and blog about the exciting or boring days of our life! Well as mine was spent at work most of the day where mayhem has struck because we are moving library which means KAOS!!!!! The first day of this "exciting" event was mostly really just trying to figure out how to do it - although we had a fancy strategic plan once we started we found that we need to give it more thought but I guess we will get there in a few days...
Well let me tell you about the anniversary cards I was obsessing about last night - I have almost finished the first one....I will show you bits of it as it isn't finished yet! I went for a bit of a vintage look.....I took some cream paper and stamped Le London script over it - actually some old writing, then I took this hero arts flower and stamped silver and bronze flowers on the writing...on an extra piece of cream paper I stamped and gold embossed the same flower...I distressed it all with TH Vintage photo and embossed the edges with gold too! All I need now is some sort of ribbon and a Happy anniversary sentiment and I think it will be done....
This is the kind of stuff I never do - stamping one stamp over another is I think way out of my league! I am always worried to do that although I admire it on all your blogs! I am quite happy to have gathered the courage! Ha, ha you should have seen me cleaning the stamps, doing the embossing....I really liked it!
Unfortunatly this is the first one and I have 2 more to go....Still I must thank you all for your lovely advice and for the links of cards that might help that you have sent me! It helped a lot....
Here are a few photos of what I have been doing....

Blogger is playing up so I can't put text between the pictures which is sooooooo annoying!! Anyways I hope you see what I have been doing and I hope I am on the right path - I will show the finished card tomorrow  and hopefully I will have another done! And tomorrow is marathon WOYWW on again! YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!
Have a lovely evening, day or afternoon and I will be back with you tomorrow!


  1. That's lovely. See ya tomorrow then =)

  2. Beautiful!
    thanks for your comment on my blog - A card swap is where a group of people get together and agree to swap 1 or 2 cards with each other. Usually a theme is agreed and cards have to be completed within an agreed timeframe. We have regular cardswaps over on http://www.craftmad.com.au - it is a lot of fun. Bye, Cathy

  3. Hi Cardarian

    A beautiful anniversary card.

    I really love what you have done to create the background. A great look!

    Love Jules xx