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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Golden Wedding Anniversary!

Hiya Everybody!

This is my 2nd post this morning and I would just like to show a few photos from our family do! My cards were a success and the ones that thought I gave them the one in the middle were right - I was deciding between the one with the birds and the one I gave them but in the end my brother said " This one looks sooo arty you should give this one as you put so much work in it" so that was it!
And now a few photos: 
This is a photo of the goldies ( nooo not oldies! They are 75 so not too old!)

Another photo of the goldies with me the big thing in the middle! Ha, ha....

Here is a photo of the whole lot of us taken at the local church - the priest also joined in,  I am standing behind him, the front row is the couple with my aunts brother , my mom (her sister) and an older sister Kristina! My uncles parents died when he was very young and he doesn't have any relatives - but our bunch is pretty big so he is happy to have such a big family!

This is from the doo afterwards....we had a big party in a very nice restaurant that is right on the border between Slovenia and Austria! You can see my brother leaning over the table in a black suit! The young girl and boy in the front of the photo are my god children - my cousins kids!

This is my cousin and uncle ( her father is my moms brother) They sang a song for the golden couple - very touching we all had tears in our eyes! She sings in the Maribor opera!

And the last one is my mom - her speech for the couple in the name of all of her brothers and sisters!

So there - that was the golden wedding anniversary! I hope you liked this post! Next one is WOYWW! YIPPEE!!!
See ya in a mo!

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  1. fab family photos, looks like you all had a lovely time, thanks for sharing such special photos