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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Penny Black and mommy weekend!

Hello my dear friends!

I am sorry not to be around for a while but this weekend I was taken over by my daughter! She came to visit me 2 days in row! YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!  Over the weekend she usually comes on the Saturday or Sunday but this weekend it was both days so all my time was spent with her or doing things for her ( mommy was cooking good meals for the poor starving daughter ha, ha, well no she isn't starving just loves my cooking! He, he another secret about me revealed - I am a good cook!). I was very happy she chose to spend time with me!
We had a good time chatting, on Saturday I had an extra special visitor called Flo - short for Flower - my daughter's lovely dog! We went out for a long walk and because the weather wasn't as sunny as it was for the past few days it was quite empty around the lake, so I didn't have to keep an eye on all the kiddos! Phew! :-) The down side was we were a bit too enthusiastic about walking and my back didn't like it so today I didn't go out walking - it didn't stop me from doing other housework of course - like IRONING - the most hated job, besides having to clean the oven!!! ( you know after doing a roast and it is all greasy and horrible and you get dirty all the way up to your elbows!!!!)
Well onto cardmaking I managed to do 1 card! I did dream up a few others but this one was all I managed - I have to do 3 cards this week for my aunt and uncle's 50th (golden) wedding anniversary! One for me to give them, one for my mom to give them and one for my brother to give them so I better get busy....
The card I did manage to make is for the Penny Black Challenge where they want us to use lots of buttons...ha, ha I took that very seriosly and put a load of them on my card! 

I also used glossy accents for the first time so please don't judge too harsh! I am always afraid to use all these varios "chemicals" on cards but I want to learn! I think I didn't spread it evenly so there are a few bumps around! Ha, ha.....

I used my extra special Italian ribbon for the little curtain on top and the buttons came from a big bag of buttons my mom had in her cupboard that I recently discovered and confiscated! My mom was a teacher and I guess they used to do things at school but she is retired and doesn't need them anymore!!

Well I think that is it for today - I better hop off to bed because tomorrow I have to go to work : -( .
I hope all you ladies had a lovely weekend - the ones that went to ally pally - I envy you - but I hope to see big reports on your blogs! 
Big hugs to you all and see ya tomorrow!
Night, night!


  1. soooooooooooooo cute!!! well done on your first play with glossy accents, it came out beautifuly! I love how you used your ribbon, that is that yummy ribbon I was drooling over on your desk a few weeks ago! so pretty, {{hugs}}mandyxx

  2. Oh how sweet a card is that gal - the button frame really works well. Still very jealos of that cute ribbon! The glossy accents just takes practice! I tend to use it in bumps on the actual image rather than an overall coating - am way too scared of it to do that!! Sounds like you had a fab weekend. And a roast. And you clean the oven after 1 roast? Impressive.

  3. Beautiful card Cardarian :) Love the window. Eek cleaning ovens and ironing - I don't do roast dinners any more 'cos I live next door to DD (dear daughter in case you didn't know - another one for your list hehe) and she does them and feeds me most of the time ;)
    Anne xx

  4. What a beautiful card - so cute. Don't feel guilty about spending time with your daughter. She will love you for it. *Ü* Glad you had a fun time. TFS. ~Glen~

  5. such a sweet card cardarian...love that little curtain and your button frame....thanks for taking the time to join in the fun at PBSC this week...hugs kath xxxx

  6. YOU WON THE BOOK! :) EMAIL ME YOUR ADDRESS PLEASE. :) at sweetangelmt at hotmail.com. :) YAY!