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Friday, April 2, 2010

Lovely awards! Thank you so much!

I just got these 2 awards from Linby the very kind crafter of Crafty Linby. I am completely surprised and honored so Linby thank you, thank you sooo much! This is my first blogger award ever ( I think one of the first in my life) so you have made me very happy! 

I will have to pass it on to someone else but I am not thinking straight at the moment ( ha, ha yippeeee so happy!!!) so I will leave it till I get back from my moms Sunday evening!
What a lovely Easter present!
Hugs to you Linby and all my other friends in blogland you inpire me everyday!


  1. Very well deserved Cardarian you bring so much to blogland. It made me so happy that you are happy too!
    Hugs Linbyx

  2. Hello!! Congratulations for you amazing awards!!!! I also received my first 2 weeks ago and I was so Happy!! so I understand how you feel!! Congrats!!
    HUgs from Utah USA!!